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Important Milestones for the Campbell River Church Of the Way Christian Fellowship

Date Event
  July 15, 1979   First Service under Pastor Bill Briggs in his home. We also met at the Labour Hall, 0.1., Cedar Elementary & Junior High School until we moved into this building.
  July 1980   Pastor Briggs entrusted the fellowship to a group of eight families before he moved to the Lower Mainland.
  Aug. 21, 1980   First fellowship Meeting under leadership of eight men with significant help from Rev. Bill Johns, Victoria
  Sept. 11, 1980   Council asked Sandy Tabish that he serve the congregation as Lay Pastor. He agreed.
  Sept. 25, 1980   An offer to purchase the church building was accepted by a real estate company that owned the property.
  Oct 25, 1980   Council approved the constitution of the Society drawn up by AI Lazerte soon to be registered in Victoria.
  Nov 7, 1980 ff   First Life in the Spirit Seminar
  week Dec 1-6   New carpeting laid throughout the church plus painting, cleaning and readying for the Dec. 7 service
  Dec 7, 1980   Consecration Service for the “new” church building
  Feb 19, 1981   Norbert Collins finished the Church sign and a design for the letterhead.
  Mar 2, 1981   The cross at the altar was completed by Vern Dirk who also made the altar table
  Mar 26, 1981   Norbert Collins, Dave Hill and Roy Holling moved the piano donated by a lady from Victoria to C.R. as well as ordered chairs.
  July 1981   We called Fred Farren to become our pastor.
  May 12, 1983   Pastor Fred Farren felt led to leave the Church of the Way to start a new fellowship in Campbell River.
  Oct 20, 1983   The property with small house behind the church purchased.
  Dec 1, 1983   The lane between the church and above property was purchased from the District of Campbell River.
  Jan 19, 1986   Kent who served as Lay Pastor was ordained as Co-Pastor with Sandy. With equal joy Gordie Gustafson and Rolly Bartlett   were installed as Elders.
  June 15, 1986   Property was subdivided and consolidated with other church property and house sold.
  Nov 15, 1987   Church wiring and lighting upgraded.
  Dec 15, 1987   Paving was done.
  Dec 7, 1989   We rejoiced over Bud being installed as an Elder.
  May 17,1991   Sandy found his final resting place in the Lord; he is sorely missed.
  Jan 2, 1993   A new gas furnace was installed to replace the old oil furnace which held together by God’s grace only.
  Dec 9, 1995   The mortgage was paid off after 15 years; HALLELUJAH; debt free at last! Thank You Lord!
  March 18, 2000   Helen Rogers, Jan Bartlett, Marge Ordano, Theresa Gustafson and Christa Bohlmann were asked by the current Directors and they accepted to serve as Directors of the Society and Elders of the Church of The Way.
  July 11, 2004   25th anniversary celebration of the Church of the Way
  Mar.17, 2005   Bob & Melodie and Rick & Brenda took the place for Christa, Bud & Marge as Council Members. We appreciate and thank the three leaving Council for their service and rejoice over the four joining the Council.
  July 14, 2005   Council appointed Rick and Brenda Shuttleworth as Assistant Pastors. On Bob’s and Melody’s request Council released them from the Council membership and its responsibilities
  Nov.20, 2005   Rick and Brenda Shuttleworth were ordained by the Congregation as Pastors of the Church of the Way
  Feb. 8, 2006   Rick and Brenda Shuttleworth were appointed as Senior pastors and Kent Rogers as Assistant Pastor
  Mid Apr. 2006   Kent and Helen returned from Ghana. This was Kent’s third and Helen’s first ministry trip to this country.
  Dec. 31, 2006   Kent retired from paid employment but not from service and we bless both him and Helen for their tirelessness and faithfulness, shepherding this flock and the countless sacrifices they made and still are making.
  Feb.25, 2007   Retirement celebration for Kent and Helen.

Our utmost gratitude goes to the Pastors who answered the call to minister at Church of the Way. Thank you to Sandy and Isabelle Tabish, Kent and Helen Rogers, and Rick and Brenda Shuttleworth . I also want to express special thanks to these pastors and their families:

  • Ed and Ollie Alexander from Qualicum
  • John Francis
  • Ike DeJong
  • Ted Follows
  • Neil Blackstock
  • Doug Roberts from the Victoria Church of The Way
  • Vern Wilson
  • John and Liza Clark from the White Rock Christian Fellowship.

The greatest sacrifice, however, was made by those that parished in the plane crash near Powell River in dense fog. They were to partake in the dedication service of this church in Fall of 1979. Let us never forget their faithfulness and their desire to celebrate with us the beginning of this church.